You need water every day because you cannot live without it. With over 75% of your body being water, missing a drink of water a day means placing your health in a risky situation. The same water can be dangerous to your health once riddled with bacteria and particles that contain parasites. Of course, many circumstances could put you in questionable water. It could be you are in the wilderness where clean and safe drinking water is not a guarantee, are recovering from a disaster or simply living in an area where the water you have in the surrounding is not purified for you and everyone else around you.

Because the last thing you want is to get sick because of questionable water, taking the necessary precautions is mandatory. You need to make sure that you personally purify the water before consumption to avoid being a victim of water contamination. If you are sure you are using clean water, then do not worry. There are people who also buy already clean water safe for human consumption and that is okay. However, if you are in possession of questionable water, learning how to purify water can help you avoid the unnecessary diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. Below are steps that can guide you to make water clean and safe for consumption.

Boiling water:

Boling water is one of the most popular, cheapest and effective of making water clean before drinking. Pour the water you want to purify in a clean pot, place the pot on the stove and turn on high the stove. Make sure the water boils properly before you turn off the stove. During the boiling process, any bacterium that is present in the water is killed by heat from the stove. Those who are in the wilderness should build a fire to boil their pots. A pot is not the only container you can use to boil water. Feel free to use any container to boil water if you do not have a pot. However, the container you choose to use must be fireproof.

Purification tablets:

If you do not have the time to prepare your stove or build up a fire to boil water, use purification tablets. These are readily available in the local store so all you need is spare some time and go purchase the tablets. Iodine tablets are the most commonly available tablets for purifying water. One can also use chlorine tablets to get the same results. These tablets can b of great help if you are planning to camp in the wilderness for a few days. They will kill the bacteria present in your water making the water safe for human consumption.


Using a water purifier can also help make the water completely safe for drinking. Water purifier has two separate hoses. One hose is for dirty water while the other hose is for clean water. There is a form in the dirty water hose. This helps prevent the hose from sinking to the bottom and sucking up the dirty water at the bottom.